What is STEAM Box

STEAM Box is a High School community resource center in Providence.  We offer these youth experiential learning opportunities in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math).  In addition to Academic Enrichment, we offer Career Exploration, and Social and Personal Development opportunities.  Another one of our goals this year has been to engage more female youth in the sciences.

Timely Support

In 2012-2013 9 volunteers tutored in STEAM Box Study Hall for over 300 hours with our youth.   Between the tutoring, study hall, and many programs, we served almost 300 students this year.

Innovative Ideas

Our student council continued its collaboration with other community organizations while leading STEAM Box and design.  We also had a number of people run workshops and events in STEAM Box.

For The Youth

100% of STEAM BOX students agree that STEAM Box is supportive of the youth, STEAM Box staff is helpful, and the STEAM BOX takes every opportunity to recognize student achievement

Academic Improvement

90% are more likely to attend school because of STEAM Box.  92% report better grades because of STEAM Box.

View Our Stats!

This document represents the data that was collected from the year 2013.


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