Please join us in supporting our fellow educators and students in Puerto Rico.

How you can help:

  • Organize your school or community to send supplies to schools in need in Puerto Rico!
    • It is easy to do by using this amazing online platform built by Steam Box to connect schools and organizations in the US who want to give to schools in Puerto Rico who are in need.
  • Spread the word!


Who are we and why are we doing this:


The Center for Leadership and Educational Equity (CLEE) has joined forces with STEAM Box to harness our collective resources and varied experiences to support students and educators to return after the devastating hurricane damage to the island. The efforts to re-open schools is daunting, but we know how important it is to provide students a continued sense of normalcy, a solid education and access to their school community. While many resources have been organized to rebuild Puerto Rico, there is still a great need for school supplies and other items to give students access to education.


CLEE is working with the Puerto Rico Department of Education and educators to identify specific needs of schools and classrooms. Steam Box build a way for schools, organizations, and individuals to organize and donate items directly to schools!


Many people have asked us over the last few months how they could help students, educators, and schools in Puerto Rico. Now we have a way! Simply organize your community to raise funds and go to the links below to select a school you want to support and order the specific items they need.

La escuela intermedia Marcelino Canino de Maguayo en Dorado está abierta por los maestros que la limpiaron y la pusieron al día. El alcalde donó pupitres y otras cosas y nuevamente la abrieron!

(The Marcelino Canino de Maguayo Intermediate school in Dorado is open due to the teachers who cleaned it and made it functional. The mayor donated desks and other items needed and opened it again!)

Carlos López Rivera


Escuela Intermedia Marcelino Canino

Click HERE to support Escuela Intermedia Marcelino Canino Middle School.

Click HERE to support Escuela Intermedia Marcelino Canino Middle School Classrooms.

Ships to:

ATTN: Delmy Lopez. Carr 694 Barrio Maguayo Dorado, Puerto Rico (Bayamon)

Uno de varios salones que se inundaron en la Escuela Intermedia de Dorado Marcelino Canino. La escuela fue pérdida total y los maestros perdieron todos sus materiales.

(One of several rooms that were flooded in the Intermediate School of Dorado Marcelino Canino. The school was a total loss and the teachers lost all their materials)

Delmy Lopez


Escuela José Nevarez López

Click HERE to help Escuela José Nevarez López Elementary School.

Click HERE to help Escuela José Nevarez López Elementary Classrooms.

Ships to:

ATTN: Karen Torres {Ofitek} 1118 Ave Americo Miranda San Juan, PR 00921-2215

Cataño Rafael Cordero Pre K - 6

Click HERE to help Cataño Rafael Cordero Pre-K and Elementary School.

Click HERE to help Cataño Rafael Cordero Pre-K and Elementary classrooms.

Shipping address:

Calle Marginal Ave Los Canos
Catano, 00962

Jose Pablo Morales Middle School

Here’s how you can help the Jose Pablo Morales Middle School:

Here’s how you can help the Jose Pablo Morales Classrooms:

Shipping address:

50 Calle Antonio R Barcelo, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico 00953

Escuela Elemental Luisa M Valderrama Pre K - 5


Here’s how you can help the Luisa Valderrama School:

Here’s how you can help the Luisa Valderrama Classrooms:

Shipping address:

ATTN: Delmy Lopez Bo. Higuillar Carretera 696 Dorado, Puerto Rico

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